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MSC UNITED VIII – Attack in the Red Sea

Crew Safe, Ships Diverted for Enhanced Security

MSC confirmed that on December 26, the 8,200 TEU container ship MSC UNITED VIII was attacked during its transit through the Red Sea.

“The ship informed a nearby coalition naval vessel of the attack and followed instructions by carrying out evasive maneuvers,” reported the Swiss-Italian shipping company.

According to the company’s announcement, all crew members are safe, with no injuries reported, and a thorough assessment of the ship is being conducted.

The incident occurred on December 26 at approximately 12:25 UTC when the vessel, flying the Liberian flag, was en route from the King Abdullah Port in Saudi Arabia to the port of Karachi in Pakistan.

MSC stated, “Our top priority remains the protection of the lives and safety of our seafarers, and until their safety is assured, MSC will continue to divert vessels booked for Suez Transit around the Cape of Good Hope.”

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