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fs - Freight Service AG - Transportunternehmen Logistiklösungen Fracht

About us

About us

Since our founding in 1986, we at fs freight service AG take pride in offering tailor-made logistics solutions. With our headquarters in Basel, we have a long-standing tradition in the world of logistics.

In 2024, we expanded our services by introducing a specialized project division. This step demonstrates our commitment to innovative solutions and our readiness to meet the changing demands of the industry.

Our experienced team is here to understand your individual requirements and develop customized solutions. We provide a wide range of logistics services, including sea freight, air freight, rail transportation, and consulting.

Our history is marked by growth and customer satisfaction, and we look forward to continuing this tradition into the future. Thank you for being part of our journey as we shape the world of logistics.


  • 1986: Establishment of fs freight service AG
  • 1987: Became a member of the Spedlogswiss association
  • 1987: Became a member of the Groupement Fer association
  • 1996: Joined the XPert network
  • 2024: Acquisition of the company by new management
  • 2024: Introduction of the project division
  • 2024: Joined the Global Logistics Associates (GLA) network
  • 2024: Joined the Globetrans International BV (GTI) network

Mission Statement

Our mission statement: Together. Reliable. Innovative.

At fs freight service AG, our values are the core of our actions. Our mission statement forms the foundation upon which we as a team build and shape success together. We aspire not only to be a service provider but a partner you can wholeheartedly trust.


We believe in the power of collaboration. Through a strong team based on trust, respect, and openness, we create synergies that go beyond individual capabilities. Together, we are more than the sum of our parts.


Reliability is not just a promise for us; it’s a commitment. We keep our commitments and deliver results you can rely on. Trust is built through consistency, and consistency is the key to sustainable partnerships.


The world of logistics is constantly evolving, and we evolve with it. We value creativity and the courage to explore new paths. Through innovative solutions, we shape the future of logistics and always provide added value to our customers.

Our mission statement is not just a statement; it’s a commitment. We take pride in not only handling logistical tasks but also in building and nurturing relationships. At fs freight service AG, we are not just a logistics company; we are your dependable partner on the journey to new projects.


At fs freight service AG, we pursue a clear mission – our goal is to provide competitive, timely, and high-quality transportation and logistics solutions to our customers. We aim not only to meet but to exceed your expectations.


Our mission is to not only meet but exceed customer expectations by adhering to legal requirements and ISO 9001 standards. We listen attentively, understand their needs, and offer tailored solutions to address their logistics challenges.

Innovation and Progress:

Through continuous innovation and the integration of modern technologies, we optimize processes and consistently provide contemporary solutions to our customers.


We take our responsibility to the environment seriously. Our mission includes promoting sustainable practices. We advocate for eco-friendly processes to make a positive contribution.

Teamwork and Partnerships:

Our mission extends beyond the services we provide to the relationships we build. We believe in the strength of teamwork and collaborative connections, both internally and with our customers and partners.

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